Saturday, August 07, 2010

laughing too much

dear internet,
it is done now. it seems to have gone successfully but only time will tell. still questions but we will work through them all. one at a time.

I feel exhausted. physically, emotionally, spiritually. I need to refresh my soul tomorrow morning. it will be nice to see some friends later today. until the next time, keep fingers crossed for continued peacefulness.

that girl

ps. for my "laughing too much we know we need to hang up" friend...thanks for the email. those little things in life are exactly what we all need. those little things are what keeps things alive, fresh, and meaningful every day. and to my buttered toast, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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Anonymous said...

Dear That Girl,

Let me first say I am sorry for not getting back to you sooner. Things have been hectic lately, but I am sure they have not been quite like the roller coaster that you have been on recently. From what you have written, it appears that all is going far. Why do I say so far you ask? Becasue life is a game of unknowns. It is a game of chances. It is a game of risks. And when the game is all over, you will look back and decide if you played the game to the best of your abilities. Did you take the risks or chances that advanced you further in the game or did you sit back and let the others tell you how to play the game? Were you the king or queen of the chess match or just the pawn? Too many times in a persons life, they are faced with tough changing decisions. And all too often, they decide that the best decision to make is the one that they have become used to making. The ones that involve no risk taking. But with no risk, comes no reward. So, again, I will ask you...are the decisions you have made worth the risk or rewards that you forsee in the future? Only you know the answer to that. But, from what I have read, it appears that you are happy with your decisions, but also a little scared. Let me tell you is OK to be scared. There will always be something to fear, but the hardest thing is the fear of the unknown. But, that can also be the greatest thing...the unknown. Would you have ever imagined that +/+ could ever be worth anything? That 4 little numbers could have such an impact on your life? That generic cough drops could change your life? All of these things mean nothing to most people, but do they have any meaning to you? Were they all "unknowns"? I guess what I am trying to say is, that the decisions that you have made were not easy ones. They were all made with no outcome clearly laid out for you. But, they seem to have advanced you further in the game of life. Closer to being the winner. Enjoy the game of life. It comes with many rewards.

Take care,

The Internet

p.s. As for your other post dated 8/4...all I can say to that is that some people deserve the ass trophy(for being an ass). And someday, that person will take you to the waterfall.