Monday, August 09, 2010

mixed bag

dear internet,

today was a first day, of sorts. it was the first day of football camp for my son. everything in the last year has been somewhat new, different, difficult and maybe scary. he said he was nervous but also excited before I dropped him off. when I returned to pick him up, I could visibly see he had a good morning. he had excitement in his voice! and to add to the day, I know the head coach from college. what a funny, small world!

I also had intermittent talks with someone important to me. I felt somewhat of a heaviness on my shoulders...but my someone important has reassured me that the choice has been made. each day is another day, a new day. and these talks of ours only solidifies all the good. so glad be be part of their life!

for now,
that girl

ps. isn't it incredible how someone remembers the little things, the things that come back to you that make you realize just how amazing someone can be?!

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