Monday, June 25, 2007

seven to three

I recently linked to another blog from one I read regularly. I am not sure if the original blogger knows the second or just came across it in a manner such as I did. Regardless, the idea behind the second blog is fantastic. It is called the seven things project and you should visit it and check it out. The idea is to simplify your life---your home, your office, your schedule. This blogger has committed to donating, recycling, or freecycling (giving away to someone who could really use the item) seven things each week. She started it last July and promised to continue for one year, making the end of her year this July. She keeps a running tally and even posts pics having to do with the item being given away. I totally relate to her--I, too, tend to hold sentimental value to many things. I find it hard to part with things in my life that have significant meaning to me, or at least had significant meaning to me at one time.

I don't know if I can commit to seven things each week but I do want to try to simplify my life. Having two elementary aged children doesn't help with all the "stuff" they have in their lives. But it really isn't about giving away their things, but rather about making my life easier and simply put, simple.

Join me on the journey....I will try to post what I part with and why it was/is important to me. I will also include where I have decided to send it (donated charity, freecycled to whom, etc). Please visit the
earthchick's site and read about her journey, too.

Thanks for reading.

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lady b said...

cool! glad you enjoyed! i want to start blogging about what i spend money on... sometimes i worry i spend money on dumb things. :(

good luck on de-cluttering.