Tuesday, August 31, 2010

just a minute

dear internet...

I only have but just a minute but wanted to drop by. seems like I would have more time to stop in and share things but have been on a roller coaster. most of the time, it is okay. as I said in my most recent post, I am liking my life, my home. but I am not liking that I cannot find a job. I am educated and dare I say, personable. I can learn things quickly and can develop rapport with just about anyone. how many hours a day can one spend on line looking for a job? the field I am trained in is letting people go quickly...the competition has become oversaturated with people, other people, that have lost their jobs and then fall into the field in which I desire.

most days, I am okay. but then there are days when I feel really depressed...wondering and shaking my head as to what I am going to do. I am getting by...but only because of the generosity and love from someone who cares about me and my kids. the last thing I want to do is to create trouble or problems when all else is good, is right.

so tell me, wide world...when will my last duck get his ass in line? if only for a minute...so that all will feel good in my world? can one feel stuck or down, as though on a roller coaster? how long can one feel like this before it causes real life problems with those she loves?... *sigh*

that one piece is missing....and I need help finding it. that, or some really good luck, fate, chance, destiny, or whatever it might be called.

that girl

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