Friday, September 03, 2010

just stuff is a small town.

*My son was put in to play in Tuesday's football game and was told by the ref that he could not because his jersey did not have sleeves. My son relayed it to me like this: "Son, you can't play. No sleeves. Buh bye." Both his home and away jerseys do not have sleeves.. They were apparently cut off by a previous player. Coach will be getting him some different jerseys before next week's game.

*note: another player took off his own jersey and my son switched with his own so he could play. I would also like to commend our own coach for modeling good sportsmanship. We were down considerable and the B teams were put in. The other team, however, kept in their A string QB and running back. Needless to say, the score continued to climb for the other team. Our coach was NOT happy. He yelled at our boys (and by yelling, I mean yelling in regards to his displeasure not yelling AT our boys) that running up the score is unacceptable and poor sportsmanship. "Our team will NEVER do that to another team!!" *applause for coach K*

*Both of my kids have come home with phone numbers of other kids at school. Time will help with the adjustment. God, I love my kids.

*G asked if she could wait up for me to say goodnight. Baby steps, baby steps.

*D and I had a "moment" yesterday....his wooby smelled like bacon. Enough said.

*find out what a wooby is here

*A momma's proud moment...My daughter was torn between doing what she knew she had to do and something she knew would make someone else happy. To witness empathy in your child is an amazing moment for a parent.

So that's it. I have nothing else.

Oh, yeah.... Chalupa.

Now that's it.

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