Friday, August 27, 2010

I need a newspaper.

I need a shower.

I need pain relief.

I need to brush my teeth.

I need to make sure those people really know.

the luck of the draw isn't always so very lucky. how is luck determined? is there any fate or destiny involved? is is all random?

green grass, blue skies. white clouds. true love. red roses, and white daisies.

I recently came across something that reads like this: A home is a place to do things, not store things. It's not meant to house your possessions, but your life. I am liking my life, my home. ♥

many changes have happened in my life. adjustments have had to been made. in the end, I am happy. I like where I am most aspects. those of you know where I am still working...but day to day, I am happy. and I just wanted to put into black and white, out there for the whole wide world internet, that it feels good. it feels right.

I am liking my life, my home. ♥

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