Monday, September 08, 2008

slice of life

okay so here it is....after the visitor 1000 post, then I posted this. so here it is, Iteach7...some simple, great smelling lotion and body spray. and since I said the winner was my good friend, I was able to deliver without paying shipping and handling. I even delivered it to her classroom. the brand is 'slice of life'...I found it at walmart, where else?, and then set it upon her chair so that when she arrived in her classroom, she could stop her complaining about not receiving her gift already! she would be so happy about seeing her surprise.

love ya, SM!!


Mom of Three said...

Love ya too, TL!

iteach7 said...

I hate MEN!!!! Ok, not really. I just hate "men" named Eduard, Gustav and Ike. Eduard really wanted to visit us earlier this summer, but he decided at the last minute that we weren't all that interesting. Then, Gustav stood us up and went to Louisiana and other parts of Texas instead. Now it seems that Ike wants to have a date with us this coming weekend. Yeah. However, I really would love it if he "dumped" us and hooked up with someone else. Really I would prefer if he just decided he liked being by himself and went away. Or, he could be like Eduard and just have a tiny visit because we aren't that interesting. Please say a prayer for all of those watching for this visitor!!! By-the-way, thanks for showing the prize...and "calling me out." I loved seeing my "name" in your blog....kind of made me feel special! I hope mom of three enjoys it!