Friday, September 05, 2008

hello? visitor 1000?

well, if you read the comments after the visitor 1000 post, you would know that the winner was anxious to get her prize. wouldn't you know it, but the winner was a friend of mine that lives less than one mile from me. I was really tossing it out there, and after posting wondered why was I crazy enough to offer anything thought what, or rather HOW, I might go about rewarding the reader that was visitor 1000. since it was my friend, it became very easy. I did not have to worry about mailing anything, or asking for an address to begin with....just get it to her. then I had to think about the I ended up purchasing something I thought she might like. something to relax her after a long morning with KG students....after living and working with no AC....have I heard from her? NOPE. so again, visitor 1000....where are you?

*reader disclaimer: as we all know, written words are often times mistaken in their tone. I write all of this with the most love and laughter for my friend. love ya!


Mom of Three said...

One of my goals this morning was to thank you for the gift. It smells delicious! Yesterday was a day full of running so I didn't get a chance to say thank you. (And no, you did not hurt my feelings)

iteach7 said...

I want to know....WHAT DID SHE WIN??????? Now that I see it smelled good, I really want to know! (And thanks for posting that for me the other day!)