Tuesday, September 09, 2008

my morning

I am seven. now you would think I would like to get up for school, go and see my friends, heck, I am even person of the day today. but my mornings usually go something like this....but really, this is how my morning went today.

my alarm went off about 7:05...my awesome, fantastic, one of a kind mom used to set it just before seven. but you see, that was in the first week of school so I could get up and say goodbye to the most annoying sibling my brother. now, I get to sleep in a bit more, like a whole ten minutes, until the alarm goes off.

today it went off and I tried to roll over and get it turned off and then fake sleep some more. but no, THE MOM came in.

"time to get up," as she put the shade up.

"what are you wearing today?"

well, since I was going to be person of the day, it had to be nice. and those boots? I had to wear those brown boots. not snow boots, but girly boots...they laced up the back and had a little heel on it. anyway, the brown dress. it would go nice with the hand me down boots.

I finally rolled out of my nice warm bed to stop off at the bathroom. peeing in the morning is a must. sometimes, I don't go right away and then once I am out in the kitchen for breakfast, I have to RUN to make it. today, mom made me stop there first. BUT, before I could get there, I had to step over some more cat throw up. we have three cats and it seems one of them is always throwing up.

once I got out to the kitchen, I got the usually morning lecture talk about taking my vitamin. you see, I don't like vitamins. but every morning, the parents nag me about it.

"H, we always pull out the purple one so you will take it."

well, duh! if it wasn't purple, I would give you more trouble. anyway, then mom got on the computer and found this great other thing she can do on her blog. something about making posts or something...she said she was going to do it later today. she does read some great blogs though. her friend has one here and she even has a whole list of them she reads. if you want to read any of them, you can check out the side of her blog.

next thing you know, I hear, "did you take that vitamin yet?" from the other room.


I knew that wasn't going to make her happy. I hear the chair squeak and in she comes...the lecture, again. blah, blah, blah.

she goes back to the computer. the next time she comes in I better have it gone.

a few minutes later, I hear, "is it gone?" and the chair squeaking...so I pop the vitamin in my mouth so at least it "is gone".

after I am done with that, I go and brush my teeth. with mom standing right there. seems she and dad don't think we are doing a good enough job. and get this? she is trying to brush my hair while I am trying to brush me teeth!! yikes...she does pick out a very cute pony holder..it has girl on it and I told her it was me.

okay, then I can't get my dress on. I think it is getting too small for me..it is still long enough but around the body part....so mom has to help with that. then my hair. then the boots are put on. then getting my stuff together....my mom forgot to put my book in my backpack last night like I asked her to was nice enough to find my book on the table and put it into my backpack for me, too.

off we go to school.

oh, and did I tell you? the best part is this:

my mom took me to school wearing her boxer shorts and tshirt, which is really her pj's, and just put on her cubs hat so no one could see what her hair really looked like...!! but she doesn't know that I could just go in and tell everyone.....my mom left the house in her pajamas!! hahahha

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Mom of Three said...

Very cute!

lady b said...


Jake said...

Congratulations on your first misison! Thanks for joining the Muter! I look forward to your future posts.


Froggy the Fremlin said...

What about the time when you made your son go into the crowded grocery store in his boxers. People were really staring at him in that store.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmmm, boxers and tee shirts....not so different from when you were in h/s.