Tuesday, September 30, 2008


seems like I was posting a lot there for a while but lately I simply don't have anything I want to talk about. part of me wants to write about grandma, so the written words will be there in case my memory stops serving me so well. but then I think, grandma wouldn't want that. she would want us to go on, to be happy, as she told me in some of her last words...she would want us to always remember, always tell her stories, or her thousands of wives tales she also mentioned. (seriously, my grandma had a tale about everything....your ear is red, someone is thinking about you, you have the hiccups, someone is talking about you, you drop a fork, you are getting visitors.....you get it)

and lookie, here, I am still talking about grandma!

I do have school stuff that needs my attention. fundraiser ends today and I wasn't here last week. there was a reminder that was to have gone home....not sure if the kids were reminded it is all due today or not. oh, well. life will go on. what did you say? just what grandma would have said.

life. will. go. on.

it will somehow go on.

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iteach7 said...

As I told my student teacher, take one day at a time. If you ever need to talk, I'm here for you!