Saturday, March 12, 2016

let it go and no, I am not frozen

I have always allowed things to bother me when they should not.  For example, like today.  It is my daughter's birthday, yah, daughter!  Happy birthday!!  But it bothers me that she isn't getting the shout out that her step sister gives to all of her friends.  My daughter posted the most sincere greeting a few months ago for her sis's bday but nothing today for her.  Yah, I could say it's because one is not home and at a competition.  But it's difficult to say that when she is posting other stuff from the competition about friends.  Sound petty?  Many of you would say, Get over it!  If it doesn't bother your daughter, why let it bother you?  But the thing is, my daughter did say something.  She noticed. 

My hubby never posts in one social web site.. like never.  But he does post for his two kids bdays and he did for mine.  My two kids?  No postings.  Why does it bother me??  Why does it make me sad frustrated?  We've worked hard to blend our family, shouldn't they be treated the same?  We expect the same things from all 4 of them, shouldn't they expect the same from both of us, the parents? 

My good friend told me it is just the difference in how they were raised before we blended and that men and women are different.  This is know but it does not make it any easier.  I still feel bad when my daughter says to me, (insert step brother's name) did not even say happy birthday or (insert step sister's name) posts for all of her friends but nothing on my birthday.  I just reminded my daughter that the day is not over and perhaps a post will come later.  As for my husband, her step dad?  I don't know why.  Deep down I think it is because if he posts for my daughter, he will feel obligated to post for my son.. and they have butted heads over the years.

Oh, well.  It is what it is.  I need to learn to not be so sensitive and just take people for what they are.  I feel pride in that my kids reach out and if others do not, there is nothing I can do about it. 

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