Saturday, January 26, 2013

tonight at Mass

We have been going to Mass on Saturday evening now for a while.  It's nice to sleep in on Sunday and for some reason, the Saturday evening Mass seems more laid back.  Tonight, we had a great homily. 

The priest was talking about how you share the good news with others in your life.  He sang the first verse of Amazing Grace and wanted us to think about how it made us feel.  He asked us, by show of hands, who would be willing to help spread the good news of God.  One man raised his hand.  Father Paul asked him to come and join him up front.  (Father Paul walks around while giving his Homily.)  Father Paul then asked the man to sing the same verse with him.  He explained how share the word of God to others makes us all feel good.  Feel better.  He than asked the man to go out in the congregation and get 12 others.  These people would represent the apostles.  The man represented Jesus.  Father Paul then asked those people to sing the first verse of Amazing Grace.  How did that sound? Make us feel?  Then those people were asked to go and get three more.  And they sang.  And finally, Father Paul asked those people to spread out in the church and encourage the entire parish to sing the same verse. 

And we did. And it made me feel great. 

A profound yet simple way to get the message across.  Just be good, be kind, and it will rub off onto others.  If you dwell on evil, think about evil, you will be embodied with evil.  Be kind, be generous, and you will embody good. 

Huh.  THIS is why I like going to church. 

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