Sunday, October 28, 2012


Ever wonder what it might be like if everyone had nothing but nice things to say to one another?  Do people realize the impact they really have on others? 

October is Bully Prevention Month and maybe I am a bit late in this post with the month being almost over but I just cannot help myself when I hear so much name calling in my days.  I work with students and also have friends, family, neighbors.. that reference one another as though feelings don't matter.  Well, they do matter. 

People aren't going to always agree.. on any given subject.  We have the right to feel the things we do without worrying about what someone else might say to us.  If you don't agree or have a differing opinion, you are most certainly entitled to it.  However, you do not have the right to be condescending when you disagree with the other person.  You do not have the right to demand or expect anything from someone else.. yes, there could be expectations but to tell someone you expected this or that and when you did not receive, you name call?  You blast someone because you did not get what you thought you should have?

We only answer to ourselves at the end of the day.  Did we make good choices?  Can we crawl into bed at night, asking ourself if there's anything we might have done differently? 

People are not perfect.  No one is perfect.  And the expectations of getting what you want from whom you want is simply unrealistic. 

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