Tuesday, August 16, 2011

who really cares?

As I sit and look at this blank page, so many things. I haven't written in some time. There used to be so much "stuff" happening in my life that it was easy to just have a total and complete word vomit. But now? How personal do I get when I know this is public site and potential ex-be's may read. Part of me is worried how they take it, what they read... But an even bigger part of me says, WHO REALLY CARES? If they want to be a voyeur in my life, to be snooping into what I am doing and with whom, they so be it. I am not doing anything I am ashamed of. humph.

There are quite a few new beginnings happening. Hmm.. the new school year. Hard to believe it is my daughter's last year in elementary school and my son's last year in middle school. Where has the time gone? I will still be driving a bus just for a different company. We don't have our routes yet but I am hoping to drive for the same school.. and even part or all of my route. I am also looking into other part time work to equal it all out. Keep your fingers crossed.

My chalupa is embarking on a new adventure, too. A new job, new adventure. It is still fresh but I think he will embrace the changes and all that comes with it. Keep your toes crossed, too.

So happy for my friend who is beginning another chapter. She is starting up her own business and has been handed the opportunity to begin to build up her clients. I am so excited for her! Keep anything else crossed for my friend.

So, what is happening with you?

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iteach7 said...

YIPPEE!!! If you want to know about me, read my blog. Hee hee....