Saturday, July 30, 2011

crazy. stupid. love.

have you heard of the movie? well, I saw it today. it began rather slow but picked up and besides, I think Steve Carell is very funny. (did I spell his name right?) it was one of those makes you think movies...

this is what I knew of it before I saw it. a married couple, one that had been married for a long time, is getting divorced. the husband, Steve Carell, is out trying to find his way in the world of dating. yup, that is about it. turns out, it is more complicated than that but I don't want to give too much away. let's just say it made me think about when I met the man that I thought I would be with forever.. it also made me think about the man I am with now. our kids. how do our kids feel about everything that has happened in our lives? will they one day understand why we made the decisions we made? will they agree with our decisions or think we made mistakes? will they look at us with more or less understanding?

the movie made me think about how someone can change you. no, not how you can change someone but rather how being with someone gives you a different perspective or outlook on life, on who you are. can someone "change" you?... can they bring out the person you were destined to be anyway? can someone compliment your being so the intrinsic YOU emerges and blesses the world with the real you? can you look at someone and just love them from the depths of who you are?

yes, it will be called by some probably most a chick flick. but I will disagree. go see it. I think most won't regret it. ...

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