Wednesday, October 20, 2010

life is good

where to begin, where to begin....

it seems so much has happened the past week. steps forward, and then steps back. and sometimes the steps have absolutely nothing to do with each other!

I ate some amazing garlic last night. I know, it sounds simply crazy. garlic? yes! I actually felt silly last night. again, sounds crazy. I was with some girlfriends of mine. over the past few months, we have grown closer. two are ladies that I knew and grew up with. over the years, we lost touch, got back in touch, then lost it again. the third? nothing more needs to be said other than I am so happy to call her friend. =)

back to the silly...if you haven't been able to read between the lines since I began this journey of blogging years ago (sunday november 20, 2005 to be exact), my life has gone through some major transformations. my kids have grown, my marriage fell apart. I have moved back home and have been surrounded by family and friends I had forgotten how important are to me.

I feel like me again. and it feels amazing.

there have been many a nights I cried myself to sleep and wondered to myself, what is my life? but last night? I am not certain what it was....the company, the atmosphere....I really don't know. but I laughed, I felt silly. and it felt great.

other things have been playing out as well in my life. I have wondered at what age do we just move on, let go, and allow the things in our life to just be shed without worry of upset or consequence? if there is one thing I have learned over the past few years is that life is too damn short. at the end of the day, you answer to yourself. and if you can truly fall asleep at night with a sigh of relief that you did the best you could on that day, that you are happy with where you are in your life, then all is good.

all can be good.

is it good for me right now? I am still waiting for the last duck to get his ass in line but in most other aspects, life is good. sorta like jake, you know, the life is good guy?..

yah, life IS good. thanks to each of you that make it good for me every day.

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Anonymous said...

Dear That Girl,

Glad to see that you finally have realized that your life is what you make it out to be. It can be as great as you want it to be or it can be as miserable as you let others make it. Either way, the final decision is all yours. For someone to be truly happy in thier lives, they must first be happy with themselves. And until that happens, they don't know just how great life can be. Life is full of ups and downs just like a wild roller coaster. The question that you have to ask yourself is this...are you going to put your hands in the air and scream at the top of your lungs because you are enjoying the ride? Or are you going to clench your hands around the bar and hold on for dear life because you are scared of what might happen if you let go? Sometimes letting go is the only way for you to truly understand that even when you do let go, good things can still happen. Even if you don't believe it. You will start to believe it the more you do it. So, I am glad you are happy again. And I am also glad you are starting to smile more. We will talk again some time soon.

Love ya,

The Internet

p.s. for something that tastes so good, how can it cause so much trouble. damn garlic!!!