Monday, March 01, 2010


Sometimes all you can give is love.
Sometimes all you have is not enough.

Sometimes life is like a dream.
Sometimes dreams aren’t what they seem.

Sometimes laughter can heal your heart.
Sometimes it’s laughter that breaks it apart.

Sometimes the world goes faster than you can go.
Sometimes even fast is still too slow.

Sometimes going home is the only thing on your mind.
Sometimes home is the only place you can’t find.

Sometimes you are too tired to sleep.
Sometimes you are too sad to weep.

Sometimes freedom holds you back.
Sometimes a wedding dress is black.

Sometimes loneliness is what you need.
Sometimes there’s a harvest without a seed.

Sometimes darkness can be too bright.
Sometimes rain gives you delight.

Sometimes you think you understand.
Sometimes you know you really can’t.

Sometimes what sets you free are restrictions.
Sometimes what makes most sense are contradictions.

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