Saturday, March 20, 2010


I had a dream last night...sort of a bad dream. I was very tired and fell asleep quickly. I woke only about an hour later, breathing rapidly, and feeling a great sense of loss, yet also feeling very safe. here is how it went..

I was in my van with my kids and my parents. there was another person with us but I am not sure who it was. it was a man but again, not sure who it was. I was sitting in the third row with my son to my left. this alone was strange because I am prone to motion sickness and cannot sit in the back row of vans. my Mom was in front of me with my daughter to her left. my Dad was up front with the 'man' driving. we dropped my Dad off somewhere, near a car, and left him. then we drove a bit and stopped. the 'man' got out and opened up the back of the van. he proceeded to take our luggage out and set it on the ground. I remember leaning over the back, grabbing my pillow and pink blanket that was my Grandma's. I saw a few baseball hats that belonged to my soon to be ex and that is all I remember seeing. next thing I know, the man climbed in the back part of the van and closed the door. our luggage was outside the van with everything else except my pillow and blanket.

the wind was picking up and people were looking for cover. I saw a car in front of us begin to "hover", as though the wind was picking it up off of the ground. I kept asking where my Dad was as I was worried about him. my Mom said he was there, and he was, in the front seat. not sure how he got there since we dropped him off but there he was. the wind continued to pick up and next thing we know, you could not see out of the windows as the dirt in the air was so thick. you could feel the van "hover," too, and it was a scary feeling. I grabbed my son and held on tight. the man was still in the back part of the van, too.

as the wind died down, we still continued to hover and my Dad was steering the van so that it wouldn't hit people we saw. funny, the people weren't being blown away but our van was in the air. I remember passing buildings with the workers from inside standing on the rooftops waiting to be rescued. they weren't blowing away either but we still were off the ground in our van.

we eventually touched ground and then my Dad began to just drive away. I asked to return to where the man with us had taken out our luggage so that we could retrieve it. I remember asking, rather begging, to go back so I could get those things that belonged to me, those things important to me that were packed in my luggage.

we never went back. the only thing I had from the back, the only thing any of us had, was my pillow and blanket and whatever we had with us in our seats. when I woke, I was breathing fast and felt sad, as well as a sense of loss. but I also felt safe and loved.

I never got a definitive idea of who the man was but I had a very sure feeling it was not my soon to be ex. this man never scared me or made me feel uneasy. it was just a man who seemed to bring comfort.

what does this dream mean? leave me a comment and share your ideas. after I see a few, I will post a comment myself as to what it may mean. or at least what I think it may mean. you can post anonymously, too, if you prefer.

I look forward to your feelings.

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Anonymous said...

The man was Morgan Freeman. And, as a trivia question, how many times does the word "van" appear?

iteach7 said...

I think you have been around me too much!!! This sounds like a dream I would have. Who knows what it really means, but here is my "theory".

I think you are going through a rough time only to see the light at the end of the tunnel...You know, like the calm before the storm and stuff...

After you go through the roughest part, you won't have all the stuff you are used to (would use a bigger word, but can't spell it!!!! BRAIN FREEZE!!!!), but you will have everything that is TRULY important to you.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I don't know you from atom, but I do enjoy deducing dreams... especially in the wee hours of the night ;)

I would take a guess that the dream is basically about a fear of change / unknown. A fear of loosing control of your life and you children's (the van = he family unit. It might also imply a sense of worry that you are different from you peers (you float, they don't). And the "baggage" is probably about leaving the things that you once valued behind (marriage), but leaving the pillow & blankets might be a way of saying that he will be there for you (comfort).

I dunno... just a though at 2am ;)

that girl said...

anonymous...nice evaluation. thanks.