Friday, January 29, 2010


okay, so we all know what the back of most vans look like, right? we hope they are clean and we don't find small crumbs and the such that our beloved kids leave behind. but we do find these things no matter how hard we try to instill cleanliness in our kids.

so, I took a photo of the back of our van before I filled it..

this is what it looked like.

I then went into the house, into the dining room, and emptied a very large box that I have been collecting stuff in to give away. for those of you who don't know, I started a "thing" called three things gone some time ago. I try to simplify my life by getting rid of things that are cluttering it. it had started from a site that another woman began with the intent of giving away 7 things a week. I just couldn't keep up with that so I thought if I could just keep track and post and talk about it, that would be good enough. ((sigh)) there you have it.

so, my shit stuff is slowing leaving my house. and at this time, I really need my life simplified. after I filled it, AFTER losing count of all the SHIT stuff, I took a photo. I lost count at 50 let's be generous in the total.

how 'bout 82? yeah, I like the number 82. 82 it is.

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