Saturday, November 07, 2009

get a room

last night, k took the kids for their friday night date night..I know, I know, this is MY thing with the kids but I just needed to some me time. so I went up to the mall with the intent of going into one of my all time favorite stores. the mall was a bit crowded so I parked a bit further out, yet still among many cars. my Mom had called as did my good friend, M, so I was on the phone. a van pulled up next to me and then to my surprise, two teenagers began to make out. and I mean make out! each time a car parked next to them on the other side (a family pulled in shortly after they got started), they would drop to the floor and play dead.. I find it difficult to fathom that they did not see me sitting in my car, talking on the phone, when they pulled in.

when I returned from my shopping, which by the way, B&BW was having a great sale, they were still there!! I should have knocked on the window and said, maybe next time you ought to park elsewhere where it isn't so bright!

dumb teenagers.

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