Sunday, November 08, 2009

bling, balls and music

I went through my jewelry box to find "gold" to turn in for a fundraiser for one of the student teachers at the middle school who has cancer. here is the pile of gold. I went to turn it all in and get some cash, with a kickback being donated to the expenses of the student teacher. THIS is the pile I brought in..and my intent was to post this photo and then take a photo of the cash I received. I am too embarrassed to post a photo of a twenty dollar bill. enough said.
girls day out...we went to see the This Is It film about Michael Jackson...they were giving out take home souvenirs of backstage is a self portrait of us and our awesome passes. and yeah, I took one there, too. it was more of a documentary but the music was great and all in all, it was interesting.
today, H had a birthday party to attend. it was at a local bowling alley. I was able to bowl a few frames and even multitasked..talked on the phone, bowled and all while wearing flip flops. here is a dumb and silly pic of me holding some bowling balls.

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