Thursday, October 01, 2009

still not well

my daughter came home from school yesterday with a temp of just over 102. she has had a cough for over a week so I took her in to see the DR. turns out she has bronchitis. she was put on an antibiotic..the one you take for five days. well, her temp is still hanging around. this morning it was still 102. 3 and this afternoon is was 101.9. another call to the DR..if it comes down with meds, then okay. it may be both viral and bacterial...antibiotic takes care of bacterial and viral runs it's course. the only thing to watch is if her temp does not come down with the acetaminophen or ibuprofen. keep her hydrated and lots of love.

my sister and her kids sent my kids an early Halloween card. H did take hers out and really liked it. here she is with her card. thanks, H family!!!

and yup, they are glasses. :)

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