Thursday, September 24, 2009

can't sleep

it is one something in the morning and I cannot sleep. actually, my son's coughing is what woke me. so I rubbed some vicks on his chest and crawled back into bed and it was THEN that I couldn't sleep.

I started my final grad class on Tuesday. I am guessing this is going to be a slow mover...already day two and there isn't anything to write home about. we need four days of two substantial do you do that when the first assignment isn't even due until Thursday? what do you respond to when nobody is posting anything? I should go and log in is 1:42 AM here, but class runs on a different time zone..three hours earlier, what zone is that? I am three hours earlier would be.. pacific? not sure..anyway, wait and let me go log in..

(sigh) while waiting....

yup, many more posts. I am off to post now so my participation will count today and not tomorrow. sounds funny but everything is time stamped Arizona time.

gnight. rather, gbye.

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