Monday, January 26, 2009

old but good

are any of you on facebook? I started in november and haven't been the same since. well, I am but just crazy happy about some things! I did have a myspace account but the only reason I had that was because of my high school reunion. our "class" had a myspace page and if I wanted to comment, etc, I, too, needed an account.

let me share something with you.

I don't like myspace. there I said it.

back to facebook. some of my friends were on it. and by friends, I mean, real life friends that I already emailed with, talked with on the phone, etc. they "invited" me.

okay, so I will try it.

and it has been great! I have many "friends"...some of those I have not seen or spoken to in many many years!

this is what brings me to my photo. I was looking in my box labeled "Eastern Illinois University" and found it. yup, a card. not a greeting card but a playing card.

one of my new found yet old and special friends had this card when we were in college. I stole it when they were playing euchre. I don't know how to play the game nor do I want to learn. I never wanted to learn when we were in college either but one thing I did know.....


and I stole one of the jacks....

(thanks, old friend, for all of the great memories!)

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