Monday, January 26, 2009


yesterday two things happened in about one hours time.
one, not so good.
the other, quite funny.

we knew we were up for a busy day. kids have PSR, 9:05-10:20. then Mass, 10:30. home hopefully by 11:45 to then change clothes and get H to a birthday party beginning at 12:30.

while we were in church, a woman hurriedly gets up and leaves, all the while talking on her phone. it was after the homily and I am not sure if many noticed. she returned, left again, then returned and then left again. J is to my left, craning his neck to look around me. with the look in my eye, I am telling him to pay attention. he whispers, but Mom, there is an ambulance. sure enough, here comes the lady again, with paramedics in tow. they quietly come in, remove an elderly lady who apparently was lying down on the pew and take her out on the stretcher. a few people leave with her. the ambulance sits outside for quite some time. the priest continues the Mass....I am not sure he noticed. our church is cross shaped....rather like an X or plus sign....he (the priest) was facing another direction so he may not have seen what was happening.

eventually the lady returns and sits down. she arrives in time for communion. the ambulance finally leaves.

H says two or three prayers for the woman she doesn't know and has a very worried look on her face.

once Mass is over, we leave....we were bad and left immediately following communion. we were tight with time for the birthday party. as we are in the lot, not only was there an ambulance, but a heavy rescue and fire engine. I know depending on the call, more than an ambulance must meet the call.

so, we get to our van. K had parked so close it was difficult for me to get in. I sort of tossed the program in and the kids had a time with it....hahaha, Dad parked too close. so K took it up. he grab the program and began to toss it around...well...he gave himself a really nice paper cut on the tip of his nose! anything on the face is a bleeder. he looked funny holding his nose the entire way home.

so....something not funny...please pray for the fellow parishioner. and then laugh at the expense of my husband.

good day!!

(much more funny if you had been there.)


Mom of Three said...

I hope they are both OK.

And what's up with the number titles? I've been meaning to ask.

Steph said...

Any word on the lady who was taken to the hospital

that girl said...

no, I don't know anything. just say a little prayer. thanks!