Saturday, January 03, 2009

ah, resolution time

1. when I decide on a house project, actually start and then FINISH it.
*I have a few projects that have been started and never been finished. um...our master bath. we had a new shower stall put in a few years ago. we then started to take down the horrid wallpaper and guess what? the wallpaper project still isn't completed..
2. continue to be healthful in mind...and body!
*I started to walk again last year and lost about 20 pounds. it has been harder since the weather has been cold but come on! it hasn't been impossible and I know it. get out there!
3. continue to work on my life, marriage, motherhood.
*all these areas need constant and continual growth, modifications and love.
4. continue to declutter my home (which will declutter my life then too.)
*you can read about my progress here... or click on the post tabs of "3 things gone"
5. be a better person...
*don't we all try to do that? :)

1 comment:

Mom of Three said...

Cheer up!!!

Your mood, your last post, you new's all so dark.

We should make a point of a girls night out sometime in January.