Saturday, January 03, 2009


whew...a new year. are we ready? january, february and then early march are the hardest months for me. it is cold, dreary and can be quite lonely. it is hard to get out and walk and play in these months. what is there to look forward to?

my daughter and I celebrate birthdays in march. she is the 12th and I am the 13th. that is what we look forward to. at least I do.

what do you do, readers and voyeurs, to get through these months? do any of you also have the seasonal affective disorder? I don't know if I technically have it but these months simply sometimes stink.

I should start and then FINISH my house projects that I have put on my plate. deadlines. I have even given myself a deadline for one of them.

live a simple life. that's what I want.

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Anonymous said...

January & February are the pits for me, too. When I was working every day it did not seem too bad because you always have a routine to your day. Now I am determined to make myself do all of those projects that I can't seem to get done. It's just too easy to give into the depression, so make yourself get up and out! We can do it, right???