Monday, November 17, 2008

two things

I subbed today in an elementary school. during guided reading, one group had this book about "parts of" the buzz is part of the bee, the lace is part of the get the idea. well, on one page, it was "handle part of the rake"..the picture of the rake had a little boy holding it. the boy was dressed for autumn weather and was wearing jeans and a nice, warm looking sweater. you will never believe what was on the sweater?

give up?

well, I had to take out my cell phone and take a photo. mind you, it isn't the best quality since I was trying to get a closer shot of the boy.

now, look at the photo.

yup, you got it...cubs! who would have thought?!

now, onto other business. last monday, our school hosted a skating party. my husband is nice enough to skate with the kids. well, a first happened. he fell! I did not see it but now we are looking at this....

are you ready?

as my ten year old son has said, "viewer discretion is advised."
note: we place a penny next to it so you can get the idea of how big it really is...

those are my two things today.

what are you up to?


Froggy the Gremlin said...

I hate roller skating because I always fall and get bruises like that, so I know just how that goes. Good luck with it.

iteach7 said...

Ok. When you said viewer discrection advised, my mind went all NYPD BLUE. I couldn't imagine you putting such a personal shot on the web. Then, I looked at the picture. Pretty ugly! Reminds me of the bruise I got when I went horseback riding with J in college. Were you with us????