Tuesday, November 18, 2008

ten today

1. my family
2. my health
3. my friends (my now friends!)
4. my job (& my husband's job)
5. reconnecting with old friends (we had our reunion this summer...)
6. my sanity
7. the great opportunity that lies before our country
8. my kids and the sound of their voice (even when they fight)
9. music (sounds corny, but music has always been a way to vent stress, frustrations, worries...music can bring you to places otherwise unattainable.) I was also introduced to two groups unknown to me...thanks, friend, for the introduction!
10. the greatest thing I am thankful for this year is Grandma...she gave me the gift of HERSELF. Grandma passed away a few months ago but she always gave me her time, her advice and her love, no matter what. and for that, I am forever thankful.
I love you, Gumma.


splummer said...

Like your list! Sorry to hear about your grandma. You have your memories always. No one can take those away. Thanks for stopping by my place. Take Care!!


Anonymous said...

Everything on your list is the really important stuff. Just remember what matters in life and everything else will follow. Have faith and love, Mom

Florinda said...

I had an item similar to your #7 on my list too. And music! (I noticed in your profile that we like some of the same artists. I don't meet up with too many other Old 97s fans!)

Thanks for stopping by my blog today!