Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Is it silly?

So, as a teen/child/younger person, we need to others to like us. But don't we as adults also need others to like us to feel validated? Specifically,  is it ok for an adult to also quietly hope for those posts others make about us? Don't we feel good if people "like" or validate something we post? How many of you take it just a teeny tiny bit personal if your kids make a shout out on the other parents birthday but not yours? Or if your blended family only posts or less noticeably likes things only having to do with their full siblings not step siblings or step children or step parents? I tell myself this is my own issue and my own insecurities to work through but at the same time, isn't it normal to want those things, too, even as an adult?

With social media comes headache and I've seen heartache,  too. I guess I'm just curious if it bothers any of you,  too.

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