Tuesday, April 29, 2014

what does it mean already?

Whoa.  It has been quite some time since I wrote.  Well, not really, if you look back at the dates.  But if you REALLY look back, you can see that I used to post daily.  And sadly, sometimes, too many more than once. 

How many of you dream?  I mean DREAM and wake feeling as though you were just some place else?  Dreams can feel so real, can't they?  When I was a little girl, I had a recurring dream.  Even today, I have a visual in my head of an overcast, gloomy sky and I was always able to "float" above it all.  I recall that with just some concentrated thought, I could make myself rise into the air and float.  I wasn't flying...I did not have my arms out to my sides and be racing through the sky, "flying".  I was more "floating" through the air..  and it always seemed to be dusk or nighttime.  Just sitting here and thinking about it I remember being able to sort of take a deep breath and think myself rising about the treetops and having such a peaceful feeling. 

Unfortunately, I have not had that dream in many years.  Many, many years. 

Instead, I have been having dreams that are out of the ordinary.  With people I wouldn't think would be in my dreams..  And yet, they once again, are so very real.  Have you ever had a dream with someone in it and then when you see the person, you sort of have to smile because only YOU know the dream?? And what if the dream is so far fetched you know it would never happen yet it seems like it really happened? 

Yeah, those kinds of dreams. 

Wouldn't it be cool if dreams sometimes, and only sometimes, really happened and only those people in the dream knew about it?  Perhaps like an ESP or some covert way to be real, to be honest and it only happened in the dream and only those people knew... yet, somehow, it really wasn't a dream in it's entirety and it really happened?

Huh.  What do you think about that?

Dreams.  What do they mean already?....


iteach7 said...

My dreams are always so weird! I don't want a lot of my dreams to come true. They are too sad/scary.

that girl said...

I wish I knew! ��