Sunday, October 13, 2013

said enough

We finally went to see a movie the other day.  Have any of you heard of the movie Enough Said?  Julie Louis Dreyfus and the late James Gandolfini?  Sort of an odd match but they were so dang cute together. 

I could relate to many things..  My son is a sophomore and potentially will be going away in a few years.  Both characters have children leaving for college. 

I am divorced.  (and happily remarried!♥)  Both characters are divorced, too.  Without giving too much of it away, I could relate to how after you divorce, you see the bad in your ex.  While you're married, you could see the bad.  While going through a divorce, you see the bad.  These characters could see the bad in their exes yet all the while, someone different can overlook or not notice those same traits or think they are great things about someone.   Someone new in the life of your ex may see something you never saw or that never bothered you. 

I guess what I am trying to say is that someone that was wrong for you may end up being the perfect one for someone else.  As I said previously, I am happily remarried.   All of those things my husband's ex didn't like about him, that I know she still doesn't like because she is somewhat vocal about it, are things that I love about him.  True, some things can and do drive me nuts but I am guessing with a divorce behind me, I know that no one is perfect.  I am not perfect. My husband is not perfect.  My ex is not perfect.  His girlfriend is not perfect.  And my husband's ex is not perfect!  We must learn to love people for who they are.. and over the years, if who those people are cannot fit into our lives, we let them go.  Spouses, friends, jobs, what not.  I told my kids when it was seriously getting bad with their dad that I couldn't be a good mom to them if I wasn't happy.  I wouldn't be a good mom, daughter, sister, friend, worker, whatever, if I wasn't happy. 

And I still believe that is true today. 

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