Saturday, May 19, 2012

shoulda known better

We have just returned home from church. We decided to go tonight and allow ourselves to sleep in tomorrow morning. Saturday church is much more mellow and easy going.. not that Sunday is so much different but it sorta is. I left there with three items of blog fodder.

1. It was before Mass began and a family sat down behind us. We did not turn around to check them out but you could sense it was a family. Within minutes of them sitting down, you could hear two girls, two older girls, saying... "stop it" "did you see what she just did?" "stop it" "stop it" Then one girl is talking to her mom and the dad says something and you can hear the girl say, I was talking to mom. The dad says, can't I listen? To which the daughter says rather snotty, NO. Then it was back to the stop its.. This continued through most of Mass. At peace be with you time, the younger daughter deliberately made it so she was "busy" so she did not shake any of our hands. Sheesh.

2. Across the aisle, there was a mom and a little girl about 18 months, maybe 2. The little one was so antsy and just could not sit still. The mom had books, goldfish for a snack, a drink.. you name it, it was there. The girl was just restless. But what I wanted to share is when the mom decided to leave after communion and not wait until the very end, the little girl watched her mommy genuflect, she then did so herself! It was the cutest thing.

3. Also across from us, directly behind the mom and little girl, was a family of four. Dad, mom, girl about 18 months and baby about 6 or 8 months. They all had on green.. the baby looked like a little pea pod in the outfit. What I left thinking about them is Yeah for you!! The mommy nursed the baby towards the end of Mass. As a mom myself that nursed both of my kids and am proud to say they never had any formula, I wanted to tell that mom good for you! Don't let what others say or do or how they might react change your mind about feeding your child. It just was a feel good feeling, that's all.

That's it. I have nothing else. I am glad I went to Mass tonight.

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