Monday, May 09, 2011

moving wheel

sigh. seems I am brimming with thoughts and emotions but just cannot put into words the way I am feeling. so it is at times like these that I curl inside and try to figure it out myself. I am full of worry, frustration, sadness, a bit of doubt. the wheel is moving but at times it seems to get stuck and then even feel as though it is moving backwards. when it finally reaches its destination, there isn't any big plan for that time... but the destination is what is needed, wanted. and all the while, time keeps moving forward, without some things.

want to know how much is on my mind? today after school, I did not turn and instead continued and the kid asked, why now? you see, I was combining my morning and afternoon routes into one. same stops, just in different order. but then I changed the order even more today. I am sure the kids thought I was crazy.

so keep your fingers crossed for better days. for the wheel to keep moving, perhaps even pick up speed. and eventually, reach the destination.

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