Friday, April 01, 2011

owned today

so, it is the dreaded April Fools. and I was had today. you know the feeling you have in the morning, while still under the covers and it is so warm? yah, well, he left for work. and within a few minutes, my phone rang. I did not charge it over night so all I heard was this: "oh, my God. I dropped my keys *beep beep* in the *beep* sewer. can you come *beep beep* and open the door for me?" my phone was beeping, telling me the battery was about to die so it was intermittent. I crawled out of bed and while walking downstairs to the door, I am wondering to myself, where the heck is there a sewer? I got downstairs, he walks in with his head hung low, and I feel terrible. he can take MY keys...but then what? well, he puts his arms around me and hugs me tight... WHILE HE IS BELLY LAUGHING AND SAYING TO ME.....APRIL FOOLS!! I was owned today. I had forgotten it was April Fools Day. *sigh*

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