Tuesday, April 26, 2011

life lesson

I was chatting with my parents on the phone the other day.. I was talking to my Mom and she had me on speaker phone so my Dad was there, too.... and I was telling them about something that had happened that afternoon. (If you are not current on my blog, then I will remind you that I am now driving a school bus.) As I was driving out of my slot, I noticed a bus a few to my left that had left its lights and hazards on. The bus was obviously empty and I knew that if not shut off, the battery would be dead the next time a driver needed the bus if it wasn't already dead. I thought to myself,.. I can use the radio to base and let someone know to come out to shut both off. Or I could just drive away.. But I did what I knew in my gut was the right thing to do. I used the radio and told base about it. One of the stand by drivers on the lot replied that he would take care of it.

And I drove away feeling good.

When I told my parents about this, I said it was like the time I was at the store with my kids and found a case of water on the bottom of someone else's cart in the cart return. I could have easily taken the case of water and put it in my car. But instead, I carried it back in and went to customer service. You would have thought I walked in naked with a wig on the way they looked at me. But with my kids in tow, lugging a case of water back in that wasn't mine, was the right thing to do.

The point of this post, you ask? The best thing about both of those experiences...better than knowing I was teaching my kids a very valuable life lesson, is what I vaguely heard my Dad say and then have my Mom relay to me. "We raised our daughter well. She did the right thing." The life lesson my kids received will comeback tenfold if they do what is right throughout their own lives. For when I am older and my children are adults, possibly raising their own children, the cycle of doing what is right will repeat.

Those words from my parents mouths to my ears was music. Thanks, Mom and Dad. ♥

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