Monday, March 14, 2011

what a surprise...

This evening I heard my phone go off indicating I had a text message. I was driving so when I could, I checked to see who it was from. I saw the name of the sender and held my breath...I had not received a text from this person in a very long time! I waited until I got home to read it and then I did, it brought tears to my eyes. My birthday was yesterday and it was a belated birthday wish from the principal at the school I pretty much lived at before I moved here. He was my mentor not only in education but also for life...I looked up to him as a substitute teacher, a PTO leader, a volunteer and parent. I haven't talked to him in such a long time but this made my day. It really meant a lot!

So a shout out to him, buy yah and hooray!!.... for you made me smile today.

Thanks so very much.

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