Monday, February 07, 2011

that time

dear internet,
wow, it seems like some time since I have addressed you. I am thinking it has been since before the holidays...and that seems like forever ago.

how does one feel completely complete? does it always have to come from within? or can others help in the process?

I am at that time of year that my mind and body are in a time warp...a place that seems never ending. today is sunny and that is helping. the window shades are up and letting it all in. but sometimes even that doesn't seem like enough.

today .. I wonder...
is someone close to me is still mad at me..
did it happen last week and how did it go..
what was she thinking..
when will it end..
do I remember correctly..did it really happen..
when will it happen again..

so's all there.

I did alot of thinking the other day...and it got no further than me. but maybe that is the very best thing.

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iteach7 said...

I hope all is well with you....just had to share this with you. When I arrived at your page, the song playing was "Hey, Soul Sister. Smile, have a good day, relax. :0