Friday, December 03, 2010

like family

how many of you are pet owners? do you feel as though your pets are members of your family? do you love them unconditionally? they make the best of friends..they love you no matter what, they always listen to you, they don't talk back and are constant companions. you always know they are there waiting for you when you return home.

I left three of my family members this past June. I have known the oldest for about 16 years. these family members are my cats. the first cat is Nightro. he is my baby. so sweet, an old man. I was afraid of him at first but came to love him more than anything. he was MY cat. and it breaks my heart that I don't see him anymore. I called him Nightie or white toe.

the second cat is Bosco. he is a character...very fat, made fun of often, but oh so lovable. he will snuggle with you and bring you socks in his mouth. his nickname is BB or Beamer.

the third cat is Scooby. he is much younger, maybe 5 or 6. he is finicky but very fun. he is a large cat, tall and long. his markings are beautiful and I miss his silliness. we called him Scoobers.

I cannot imagine the range of emotions I will feel when I receive the call that one of them has passed. it is as though I lost three members of my family all at once.

and some days it just gets to me.

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Mom of Three said...

ok...this made me tear up. You know how i love my cats, and I couldn't imagine being in your position... I feel for ya!