Friday, October 01, 2010

a few things

dear internet,
it's been awhile since I last heard from you. are you alright? I know life has been difficult the last few days but is something on your mind? we never expected it to be easy, a piece of cake. but I never imagined it might be this difficult either. did you? as long as we continue to be open and honest, then only good things will happen.

I found a funny photo today...well, it actually found me. go here to see it.

oh, and if you by chance are the reader that happened upon this site a few years ago, through circumstance when I was looking for your sibling, then go here. you will understand. :)

and for my newly braced friend, I hope your mouth feels better soon. the pix you sent the other day, I am sure, does not do it justice. I really appreciate you listening to me when you do. whether by email, text or talking on the phone, you may never know how very much it means to me. thank you!

that is all I have. off to do work to get work.

that girl

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