Tuesday, September 14, 2010


"so, did you walk yesterday?" the little girl asked the woman.

"no," she said.

"why not?" asked the little girl.

"I am not sure."

"I bet you do know why," said the little girl.

"let me think for a minute and I will try to answer your question," said the woman.

the woman sat in the shade under the tree and thought to herself. she wanted to walk...she would love to get out every day. but something inside her didn't always let her. at times, she felt as though it was a fight inside of her. do this, no,..do that.

"I think I am ready to answer your question," the woman called to the little girl.

"ok. I am ready to listen."

"you see, as you grow up you discover that there are bigger things to life than how much time you get at recess or how much you don't like your brother for something he said to you when really you were the one who started it. the disagreements you have with your friends at school seem almost laughable when you're an adult. you realize that life is much bigger than you are."

"that doesn't make any sense," said the little girl.

"I know," said the woman. "that is because you are a little girl. wait until you're a grown up."

"you still want the fun and silly things in life that make you happy...the spontaneous adventures with those you love, the ice cream in the middle of the day for no reason. you want the days you can stay in your pajamas all day, eat whatever you want and not care. but there are responsibilities, bills to pay, others to take care of. if only to take care of yourself. for when you are a grown up, you realize that the only real person to take care of you is YOU. you must learn how to love yourself, on your own, before anyone else can really love you. now, does that answer why I didn't walk? not really. but in a way, it does. I was taking care of myself. for you see, someone I care about needs all the love and prayers they can get right now. and if I don't take care of myself, then there is no way I can care for another."

"but walking is healthy and it is good for your body," said the little girl.

"you couldn't be more right," said the woman. "but I was taking time for me so that on another day, I can take care of someone else. and these others, well, they need to know that there ARE others that are here to take care of them. and sometimes that can be very difficult as a grown up."

"hmmm," the little girl said. "oh, I get it. you were refreshing your soul so that it could be ready for other people."

"yes, sort of. I think you understand. is there anything else you want to ask me?" asked the woman.

"yeah," said the girl. "do you love yourself?"

the woman looked surprised by the question. she thought for a moment and replied,"yes, yes I do. it is a work in progress but I love myself more now than I have in years. thank you for asking."

the woman took the girl's small hand into hers and they walked together through the trees.

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