Saturday, September 25, 2010

head held high

I had a dream last night...and it was about a friend of mine.

She is not married anymore after many years. She is very happy with her life right now. She has found happiness with someone she has known for a very long time....he is also not married anymore. Both have kids and the families have seemingly blended well. However, his kids recently asked their mom (the conversation was somehow listened to ... remember, this was a dream) an important question... "Why can't you find someone and be happy like daddy? Why do you date different guys?" To which their mom replied, "She (meaning my friend) is the reason me and daddy aren't married anymore."

This of course caused all sorts of problem because it isn't true! The next time they saw my friend, they wouldn't talk to her. They looked at her with great disgust. When asked why the change in behavior, they told their dad everything. It was as though I was a fly on the wall, floating in the air, ...and was witness to it all. But as the conversation continued between the dad and his kids, I woke up. So what does this mean? How can my friend feel good about the changes in her life, her happiness, her relationship..when another woman is filling the heads of innocent children with lies.

I told my friend this: the important thing is that the truth will eventually come out. If not now, then maybe in a few years. Maybe when the kids are older and can understand it better...but in the end, everyone will know the truth. Until then, try to hold your head high and know in your heart that you were NOT the cause.

My friend just looked at me and said, "That is one of the most difficult things to do."

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