Wednesday, August 11, 2010


it is hard to believe that I am now composing post number seven hundred eighty five. I began this journey of blogging quite some time ago. I think it was back in 2005...almost five years ago. I at times go back and read older posts. it seems to be a different time for me. I often wonder how I got from there to here. I began it as a way to keep in touch with family that lived far away. raising two kids..I didn't want anyone to miss out on them growing up. I still don't post names or where I live...sure, a general area is okay. but one never knows who might be reading here.

so, who are you?

I have had 6,836 visitors since June 28, 2008. what about the three previous years? how many people have crept into my little sometimes boring life? who really cares about how much stuff I give away, whether I donated or freecycled? who really cares what my kids are doing, other than family? who really wants to listen to me rant? or boast about something that I consider exciting in my life?

who are you, readers?

I found a while back about someone who had visited my blog for quite some time. I never knew it...I even posted asking who it was! now that I know who it was, it is sort of surreal. this person already knew so much about me without me knowing it.

funny how life ends up, isn't it? I have always told myself things happen for a reason..even if we don't understand the why or how. I am believing more and more in the fate, destiny, meant to be. life can and does suck sometimes.. but don't we all have to go through everything to get to who we are today?

would we even be who we are today if it weren't for everything in our past?

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