Friday, July 09, 2010


dear internet,
sigh, I am writing yet again. only this time it is with a bit more joy in my voice! you know how you would like things, some things, many things, to work out for you? yet you often wonder when or if or HOW they might work out? today something happened. I wasn't the one directly involved with the happenings but I am indirectly involved. I am waiting for things to definitively "be" before declaring my zealous happiness but I just wanted to share.

so there.

I shared.

until next time,
that girl


Mom of Three said...


Anonymous said...

Dear that girl,

I told you that things would work out the way they are supposed to. And maybe, just maybe, you will start to believe in yourself and realize that good things are destined to happen to you. The path to happiness is a long and sometimes difficult path to travel. But once you reach your final destination, you will look back and see all the little hills that you have climbed over, that you at one point, thought were un-passable mountains. So, keep moving forward. Take one step at a time. And remember to be happy.


The internet.

p.s. What number comes between
1018 and 1020?

iteach7 said...

There are a bunch of numbers!!! My favorite is 1018.1234567899876543212223526841225896331235784568598741215697451613215975841516358153105158641512102065158163515158613103051584847879411313154874894161531315847897484765165213418748945615896489748748974897489485489654654135216521316515156418418487179685418951854987897897984561313334813111888487489415105647815869854789616518578941961231857498748974894651321231568498156321568579841561056321859674896512314897485163214893120789451239874123098645120398654312986541237481526415261502845612304561235461230546312054861230454851023189541523105648965105623189415231894156231859745123132156749841561651465749841561654785156185111856876876974684796749748964152131315635486948964151563163126316489748974586341523165489748674896456123132165156105848695465453613134165416541341634163415634156316341253143613652415263