Thursday, June 17, 2010

post number 756

so, my nephew is staying with me. we went to target for a few things but one of the things I needed was not there. so off to walmart we go. literally, it was so strange. too many weirdies out!! the lines were crazy up front so we go to electronics. no one is there, so we ask at photos. the guy comes over, sorta strange looking ... and he can't get the cash register to work. it took my card, but then I couldn't sign. some other worker comes over, holds the cord into the back of the little machine on which you sign...I sign. but my receipt won't print. "CSM ______, you're needed at electronics." it must have taken 10 freaking minutes! I should have just stayed up front!!

oh, yeah, and I have a new friend on facebook. she is the cutest golden doodle ever!!

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iteach7 said...

Welcome to the "new world"!!!!! It's gonna be like that for the rest of your life....