Tuesday, May 04, 2010

things are okay

for now....they are okay. hanging in there..trying to kick this whatever it is in the butt.

time. when we want time, we can never find it. when we don't, we seem to have an abundance of it. I have so much to do and as the clock ticks down, so little time. how do you cram all the years into 20 or so boxes? how do you decide what stays and what goes? how do you decide what goes NOW and what will come later? how do you live without the things you pack away early?

in one sense, it is easier..because I can leave behind those things that I don't want or aren't up to me to decide if or when. but then again, it is difficult. what comes now and what come later? what will never come at all?



iteach7 said...

I know one thing that you don't have to pack!!!! And, that is a good thing....Love to you!!!!

word verification: proop....how fitting!!!

that girl said...

what don't I have to pack? I am texting you right now.