Tuesday, May 18, 2010


As I sit here at the computer, with two word docs up for tonight's meeting, I find myself logging into facebook and checking blogs I read. Why is it I can become so sidetracked? I have been working this week..the very teacher I am subbing for is the greatest...I love subbing for her I just wish she felt better!

I feel as though I have so much whirling around inside of me, aching to get out but not quite sure how. Words? Actions? I think it is growing anticipation..fear maybe...excitement. So many emotions at once. A big life change lies ahead of me. I am filled with happiness, excitement, anxiety..optimism... fear. For those of you know me, think of me. Wish me well. Okay, maybe you don't wish me well. But think of me..and hope all is okay in the end.

For those of you who don't know me and haven't the foggiest what I am talking about, well, you can just wish me well. I would really appreciate it.

And I leave you with this:

"Don't go out there and search, because you won't find it. Don't go sit there and wait, because it won't come to you. Just live your life and see what will cross your path."

I lived my life, the ups and downs, and came across something wonderful. Completely unexpected. And I couldn't be happier.



iteach7 said...

I thought it was buttered, jellied toast?!?!?!?

that girl said...

it is buttered, jellied toast..but it is also a chalupa!