Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"sir, I really don't know."

so the past week...when it rains, it pours, right?

last Thursday, my van started to misfire..I had picked up H from dance and then on the way home, it started acting strange. I got it back to the house...drove it a mile or two on Friday..luckily, my parents were coming to town to visit and my Dad knows all there is to know about engines. he changed the spark plugs, ignition wires and coil pack. still misfiring...

so I call the local dealer at which I always have the van serviced. they can't get me in until Wednesday...well by midday Monday, I just take it there...the check engine light is on, and I am, honestly, afraid to drive it. so there it stays.

I get a call later Monday that it is the number 4 cylinder injector...(did I get that right, Dad?) they need to order the part and should be ready by midday Wednesday. so today, Wednesday, I work in the AM and have my friend (thanks mindofmosgrove!) drop me off. long story short, they give me a loaner bc they won't be finished for a few hours.

I get a call later today and NOW they tell me that I need a new engine! WHAT??!! I called my Dad, who called the dealer, who finally talked to the service manager...etc went from
#4 cylinder injector to a new engine to a new piston to I really don't know what it is to the final answer: duh duh was a bad coil pack. the one that was purchased at Advance Auto Parts...

now the question is this: AAP says it won't take returns on electrical stuff..but they sold my Dad a defective coil pack!! it cost $70!! I am ready to go in and begin nicely to ask for a refund and then, if they deny me, I might have to get mean.

does anyone see a problem with that? please, post your comments.


iteach7 said...

That bites!!! Your dad--a fully qualified person--basically fixed the problem only to have a defective part. How can an auto parts store not "guarantee" the part??? The place I go to does! I'm sorry all this bad stuff is happening to your car. Two plusses--your dad called so the dealer didn't take you for tons of money, and you don't have to get a new engine!!!!

Is the dealer charging you an outrageous price????

runes said...

Glad I could help you from 300 miles away daughter and by cell phone too ! These experts at car dealers amaze me with their expertise.

that girl said...

so glad you could help, Dad...I don't know what I would have done had I actually needed a new engine. ((hugs and kisses)) to my Dad..:), my Dad worked his magic too with the price. I am not being charged an outrageous price. again, thanks, Dad.