Friday, December 11, 2009

good day

today is a good day..why?, you ask. it just is. the sun is shining..although it is wickedly cold outside..but none the less, the sun is shining. the sky is blue and I got some of my house cleaned yesterday. for those of you who know me, I do not live in a magazine perfect house. nor would I ever want to! I believe the home in which I live in needs to look, well, just that, lived in. I can tolerate some mess clutter but overall, tidy is nice. I am trying to get rid of things that are weighing me down in life..we all know what those tend to accumulate so much shit!! throughout their childhoods. I try to teach them to give to others who may not be as fortunate..we call it freecycling. you are essentially recycling but you are giving it away for FREE. thus the freecycling.

I am meeting a good friend for lunch today, too. sometimes life just gets in the way and it is difficult at best to catch up. I am actually waiting for her call now... looking forward to word vomit.

and other regards to that..I am feeling good, strong, empowered, yet sometimes, still scared out of my head. I have been telling myself this: what doesn't kill me will in the end make me stronger. or as someone told me the other day, what doesn't kill me will in the end make me stronger or at the very least, just be a pain in my ass for awhile. how about that for a mantra??

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