Sunday, October 11, 2009

the weekend

I went away this weekend. yup, just me. I mixed it up..a surprise birthday party for my dear friend from college along with a night of a mental health respite. and both were great. my friend was truly suprised..her husband did a great job. the look on her face was priceless..and got even better when she saw me and two other friends from college hiding around the corner. we all had not seen each other in over a decade. we left agreeing that we need to plan one weekend a year to meet just sit and talk, maybe have a beer or two (or two 'tree dozen, love ya, S!) and just BE. ahh, now THAT sounds like a plan.

the mental health night? I ordered in some good food, which I couldn't finish for some reason. this cough and cold are doing me in. if this cough doesn't get better in the next few days, I am back to the doctor. it is more annoying than anything. after my failed attempt at eating, I took a very long and hot shower. I figured I was only paying the water bill in a round about way so why not take full advantage of a long and hot shower? it felt great, by the way. I dried my hair, or so I thought, and got into bed. when I had to get up to pee, however, you should have seen my hair. it was then I figured out that I did not actually fully dry it..or it wouldn't of had those crazy waves in it. I talked to both my Dad and an old friend that night. both conversations were nice.

it is great to actually WANT to talk to your dad on the phone for as long as I did for I know some people who don't like to talk to their parents like I do.

and we all know that old friends are the best friends.

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